Monday, 21 November 2011

Bloody clashes grip Tahrir

Dozens have been killed and hundreds are injured as violent clashes between Egyptian security forces and protesters ecalated in Cairo's Tahrir square.

The clashes began after police forcefully removed 200 demonstrators that had stayed in the square after a mass protest on Friday.

Tens of thousands have since come to the square and have been defending Tahrir from Riot Police and Military Police who are using tear gas, bird shot and batons to contain the protesters.  On two occasions, security forces took control of the square but then retreated.

Demonstrators in Tahrir are now calling for the ruling military council (SCAF) to step down and transfer power to a civilian authority, citing a failure to manage the transition to democracy. The military rulers are accused of using the same violent tactics as that which typified Mubarak's rule, of torturing and killing peaceful protesters, of conspiring to stay in power or maintain their powers, of systematically clamping down on peaceful protests and on political activists, of censoring the media and stifling free speech, and of court martialling (military trials) 12,000 civilians, amongst other accusations.

The clashes are ongoing.

UPDATE 23/11:

Footage from Monday and report from Wednesday added.

The death toll now as reported by Reuters has reached at least 37.

Protests and clashes have been reported in numerous cities across the country, including Alexandria, Suez, Ismalia, and Zagazig.





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